The Plan

To be deceived is sin. It is unawareness of the plan.

My personal believe is that there is a pervading plan in effect. When you aren’t aware of the plan it controls you. When you become aware of the plan you allow it to control you. The plan cannot be thwarted because everything is a part of the plan. The plan allows us a measure of freedom. However this expression of freedom is not strong enough to alter the plan. The plan is almighty. The plan is love and it is in every atom. To fight against the plan is a sin and a denial of love which results in the entropy of the flesh.

Life is in the spirit. This spirit is universal all pervading knows all and see all. This spirit is passed on generation after generation. Fear represses the spirit. In the unaware state of fear one is controlled by the laws of governments, the doctrines of religions, and the morality of mankind. In this state one is only aware of the physical realm. By becoming aware of the plan one transcends the physical realm and becomes aware of the spiritual realm and the universal force that forms and moves the matter.

The plan is the truth that sets one free from these controlling forces. This truth can be either comforting or terrifying to apprehend. If one apprehends it in a judgemental way it is destructive to the soul. If one apprehends it as forgiveness it is life to the soul.

No one can live in the spirit unless they die in the flesh. The physically controlled self must be destroyed. One must be ‘reborn in the spirit’ to apprehend the ‘Kingdom of the Heavens’. Only then can one begin to walk in the freeness of the spirit, aware in the comfort and knowledge of the love that pervades the universe, no longer controlled by fear.


God in a Nutshell

I personally came to the conclusion through an intense study of God’s Word the Bible and some other religious writings (all that and a mystical revelation) that Jehovah is actually Jesus/Satan and that they were both God the Son. (If you’re interested I got scriptures to back this stuff up.) However it’s very confusing. Btw my God is really ticked with the JWs and Christendom in general.

I’ve come to concluded that the majority of the Bible is about the Son. The Father is like your make up God. He/She is the all-knowing, unknowable, eternal, true God of love and light. YeeHawh!

First let me tell you a little bit about the Son. The Father gave him authority to judge. He is the manifest justice of God. He fights God’s battles. The godly wrath and godly fear that results in grace and love. The Son is the mediator between man and God. Bringing the mortal creation into a relationship with the immortal God.

Okay back to the totality know as God. God is 4 (or 3 and 1). (Like Paul – I can choose for the sake of persuasion — depending on my mood or who I’m talking too.) I can never explain Him. He is a mystery and He wants to keep it that way. God is ALMIGHTY!!! He doesn’t take any crap. If you point out some seeming contradiction in his works, He will laugh and say – “Well what are you gonna do about it???” Yes, He is cocky.

God is made up of 4 forces. He has the qualities of Power, Justice, Wisdom, Love. Each quality is a God. The Father is the Objective truth, the Son is the Subjective truth, and there is a holy-spirit and an evil-spirit. There can be no subjective without an objective and there can be no objective without a subjective to explain it.

Earth=Power=Bull=Daughter - + - Air=Justice=Lion=Son

All these attributes can be viewed as positive/light or negative/dark. But when it comes to God He wants us to view Him in a positive light. God like man is/was at war with Himself. This war brings one to a higher awareness and gets the testosterone pumping. The Bible is God’s war manual to man. He is trying to tell us how to win the war over ourselves and achieve oneness and unity.

Here are some of the proof text. Btw I don’t emphasise the “good” triune part too much because most people in Christendom already accept that as a given.

(Isaiah 45:6,7) – I am Jehovah, and there is no one else. Forming light and creating darkness, making peace and creating clamity, I, Jehovah, am doing all these things. NWT

(Isaiah 44:6) – Jehovah of *Armies*, I am the first and I am the last, and besides me there is no God. NWT

Well we know that Jesus and Satan are refered to as Gods also. Hence the OldTestament quad-unity. In the NewTestament the Gods battle it out and Satan is kicked out of the quad-unity. In the tri-unity. The Father is God. The Son is Lord. And the Holy Spirit is God’s active force.

(1 Samuel 2:6,7) – Jehovah is a Killer and a Preserver of life, A Bringer down to Sheol and He brings up. Jehovah is an Impoverisher and an Enricher, An Abaser, also an Exalter. NWT

(Psalms 139:7,8) – Where can I go from your spirit, And where can I run away from your face? If I should ascend to heaven there you would be; And if I should spread out my couch in Sheol look! you [would be there]. NWT

(1 Samuel 18:10) – And it came to pass on the morrow, that the *evil* spirit from God came upon Saul. KJV

(1 Samuel 18:10) – And it came about the next day that *God’s bad spirit* became operative upon Saul. NWT

(2 Corinthians 4:4, John 14:30, Psalms 83:18) – Satan is refered to as the ruler and God of the world – this system of things.

Satan the Evil Spirit is the personification of Power. He is really into it. Like in Star Wars the Dark Side is all about Power. The Holy Spirit personifies Wisdom. The Father personifies Love that’s why he lets all this crap continue because he doesn’t desire anyone to be destroyed. The Son personifies Justice in that he fights for what is right.

Cavemen in the Bible

I’ve been reading the bible on my own and I’ve been coming up with some weird stuff. (I guess that’s what happens when you aren’t being directed by the WTBTS FADSC.) Anyway I’m thinking that in the beginning there were cavemen (Sons of God) and humans (Adam’s offspring).

Here are a couple things that I’ve observed. In Genesis 2:2 it mentions that God rested from his creative works. However in verse 4 it mentions that this is the history of Jehovah in the day that Jehovah God made earth and heaven. Does Jehovah’s work start on the seventh day?

The first creative account is completed in 6 days and God rests on the 7th day. When we come to verse 4 is this a rehashing of the creation account in more detail? Or is this the work of God’s Son? God in Genesis 1:29 lets man (the cavemen) eat whatever they want. Jehovah however puts restrictions on what man can and cannot eat. He can eat of all the trees of the Garden except for the Tree of Knowledge he cannot eat for in the day he eats from it he would positively die.

It also seems like Jehovah was making it up as he went along without much foresight. For instance Jehovah comes to realize that the man needed a helper. So Jehovah makes some animals and brings them to the man to see what the man would call them. [Notice Jehovah made man before he made the animals. God in chapter 1 however made the animals and then he made man.] Seems like a contradiction here. We know that Adam partakes of the fruit and gets kicked out of the Garden. Jehovah says “Here the man has become like on one of us.” [Who was Jehovah talking to btw?] And if the man is created in God’s image wouldn’t it be natural for man to want to be like God? As the Genesis account continues to Noah’s day we observe that the cavemen are having intercourse with the humans. Jehovah sees that things are getting out of hand so he decides to wipe the slate clean. The flood wipes out all the first God’s creation namely the cavemen and dinosaurs. However Noah’s family and the animals that Jehovah created are preserved alive on the ark.

(The two accounts could be distinctive creation events… The first creative event was spiritual and the second creative event was physical…)

Resurrecting Old Technology

I was able to get my Iomega Zip 100 zip drive to work!

I followed this guide:

And when I rebooted my computer I had access to the files on my zip drive!

The next step was installing WINE — a Windows emulator. So I could run Eudora.

I could have done it in XP. But I didn’t want to go through the hassle of installing XP and all the service packs. Fortunately I got it to work in Lubuntu on an old Dell computer with a Pentium IV processor!

So now I can access email I had stored in Eudora.

The emails document my spiritual journey. I was raised a Jehovah’s Witness. Then I went through a “Gnostic” phase — while questioning my beliefs. So now I am sorting through my emails. I will be posting shortly.

The Vow

Rest assured I gave my word
I made a vow but I’m sorry now
Can it get much worse?
It can’t get much better
You hold me to my word
Down to the individual letter

And you hold me, you hold me
And you hold me to my word
And you hold me, you hold me
And you hold me to my word

Rest assured I gave my word
I made vow but I’m sorry now
I will commit but I’d rather quit
And I will submit but I won’t like it
I will commit but I’d rather quit
And I will submit but I won’t like it

And you hold me, you hold me
And you hold me to my word
And you hold me, you hold me
And you hold me to my word

Have You No Shame?

You open the door and loosen your collar
You venture off to explore and see what the world has to offer
You could never be tamed you roamed unrestrained
Unleashed and unchained but you’ll be back again

I’m the one who waited while you procrastinated
Have you no shame? Have you no shame?

All I scrimped and saved
You squandered and gave away
Now here you are just like before
Now that your poor you’re back for more

I’m the one who waited while you procrastinated
Have you no shame? Have you no shame?

Now that you’ve come back
You expect me to react
As if nothing’s changed
But its not the same

Have you no shame? Have you no shame?
Have you no shame? Have you no shame?

We Meet Again

We meet again just when I’m feeling well again
And once again you leave me feeling ill again
And I’m having a relapse and I’m going to be sick again
And I’m having a relapse and I’m going to be sick again

Though I beware I’m the prey without a prayer
You set your snare and there’s no escape caged in your lair
I can’t avoid the traps, I can’t avoid the traps you’ve lain
I can’t avoid the traps, I can’t avoid the traps you’ve lain

Concerning love you treat it like a chore
You’ve had enough but I want more
You feed me scraps and I cannot feed these hunger pains
You feed me scraps and I cannot feed these hunger pains