Infiltrating the Alien Cult

The previous blog post — “Message to Earth” was a note I found in an apartment of a tenant who had been reported missing. I got the note analysed and the psychologist passed it off as a typical case of someone suffering from a paranoid delusion. We felt the need to further investigate the disappearance. There had been other disappearances with similar notes left behind all mentioning some alien consciousness. We also had suspicions that an UFO cult may be connected somehow to these strange disappearances.

I’ve been acquainting myself with their beliefs to infiltrate the cult and get some answers. I’ve always wondered how people get themselves involved with these new age movements. However they can be convincing. In public they usually refer to the bible to back up their beliefs. Behind the scenes their expression of their beliefs depends on the levels achieved by their members.

Their message states that Jesus was an alien life form that came to earth to make people aware of their alien/spiritual nature. He was battling the ruler of this world who wanted to keep people unaware of their alien/spiritual nature by keeping them focused on their earthly/physical nature.

The cult is charismatic once one is indoctrinated into the cult it’s difficult getting them to reason otherwise or question their beliefs.

Some excerpts from their publications and scriptures that they often cite include:

“They are not of the world just as I am not of the world.” (John 17:16)

“I do not pray that you should take them out of the world, but that you should keep them from the evil one.” (John 17:15) “I will no longer talk much with you for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me.” (John 14:30)

Those who overcome the world will receive their reward in the “Paradise of God”. (Revelation 2:7)

Our alien nature is emphasized at John 15:19 “If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.”

John 16:33 – “These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

Tract excerpts include. Some may label our movement as a UFO cult. However that is a false depiction of our beliefs. Many here have had encounters. Their experience has opened their eyes giving them a new perspective. As a result of these encounters the message of the bible has taken on a new deeper meaning.

They seem to have a mission to conquer the world? “Take courage! I have conquered the world.” (John 16:33)

Like Abraham resided as an alien in the land of the promise as in a foreign land. (Hebrews 11:9) Many have forgotten where they came from and hence do not know where they are going. (Hebrews 11:9,15,16) We are the called and chosen ones. We know where we are from and where we are going.

John 8:14 – “Jesus answered and said to them, “Even if I bear witness of Myself, My witness is true, for I know where I came from and where I am going; but you do not know where I come from and where I am going.”

They believe that the aliens are returning to battle the “rulers of the world” those who are focused on an earthly/physical existence. They live minimalistic lifestyles to keep themselves from getting enticed by the fruit from the tree of physical knowledge. Their favorite movie is the “Matrix. They often quote scenes in the movie and claim it is an inspired work.


Message to Earth

This was too unreal. There were lights cascading all around me. I was rendered breathless. I had often heard of UFOs but I was always skeptical of their existence. A energy beam surrounded my body and I was transported onto a space ship. This is all I remember. I never got to see the alien life forms. All I really remember now is the flash of light. You may think that this is all a figment of my imagination and I don’t blame you, I too was skeptical at one time. Even now I find myself questioning whether or not this really happened. I’ve tried to forget this experience to no avail. As time passes I can recall more and more the happenings of that strange night. I know many will mock me and judge me as mad. There was a time I felt that it was to my personal best interest to remain silent about my experience, thinking that with time, maybe it’ll all fade away. However instead of fading away these memories have become more and more detailed. And as they gradually surface I feel compelled to spread this urgent message to the people of earth.

To begin with I don’t know why I was allowed to see and remember what I saw. One theory that has crossed my mind is that I have in fact been assimilated and for some strange reason unbeknownst to myself chosen to spread this message to the human population. I have experienced strange dreams in which I recall the aliens intended purpose but upon waking all memory of the dream is lost. I feel this could be the work of the alien in my brain. I sense that they are very powerful and advanced beings.

Please understand that what you are about to hear has a great bearing on the future of mankind. I realize many will not be responsive to this message yet in spite of the expected denial and disbelief of those who would call me mad I feel a responsibility to relate to all who will listen what I saw. You can take it for what it’s worth. You can choose to believe it and act or deny it and face the consequences.

I remember seeing bodies stretched out on lab tables as if in suspended animation. The aliens had abducted human specimens and were conducting experiments on them to test whether or not they were compatible and capable of sustaining their alien life form. It seems that only the males of our species are assimilable. I guess the best way to describe the alien would be as brains suspended in jars. Further observation suggest that although they appear to be separate individual brains they are actually networked and of one mind.

Their mission as far as I can tell from my experience is a passive coexistence with their hosts, sharing their host’s thoughts and physical sensations. As I mentioned before they seem to be of one mind, I base this on the assumption that they seem to relate to one another the mass experiences of their collective hosts. This has raised in my mind some ethical questions. One being the right to mental privacy. On the other hand this alien network has many advantages. One being the new found capability of mental telepathy.

I have not been able to gather whether or not this alien being’s intend is on being our master, our servant or coexisting with us in peaceful unity.

As I look back on these last few paragraphs I vaguely remember writing them and the opening paragraphs are completely foreign to me. I am normally not a man of action but I fear for my conscientiousness and I hope that someone can help me before it’s too late.

The Four Prisoners

Once upon a time there lived four men. They were all very good friends but one day they were falsely accused of a crime they didn’t commit. So they were put in jail. However this jail was minimum security and although they were isolated and in individual cells they could still talk to each other. One of the prisoners figured out how to escape from the prison. But he didn’t want to leave his friends behind so he said to himself I’ll try to show them how to free themselves also. He showed two of his friends how to escape but his other friend, his best friend, wasn’t interested. He was just going to wait until his prison term was complete. The three men set a date and planned their escape. But the man who had first figured out how to escape decided to stay behind and try to convince his best friend into trying to break out of jail. The escape day came and the two men escaped and were free. They were free but the law was always on their trail. Time passed and one of the escaped prisoners began to miss his friends and became tired of running from the law. So he decided to turn himself in on the condition that he’d be returned to his same cell. The other escaped prisoner however continued on the lam and forgot about his friends. Eventually the law caught up with him and he received a longer sentence and was place in a high security prison.

The prisoner who planned the escape but chose to stay behind felt guilty, he felt responsible for the consequences that had befell the two prisoners that had escaped. After all they were innocent and now their prison terms were being increased. So he decided that he would break out and find proof of their innocence in the hopes that they all could one day be together again and be free.

The law tried catching the smart prisoner but he always stayed one step ahead of them. He began to find clues about the crime and he found out who had framed him and his friends. Then he knew that his proof was useless and he could never use it to free his friends or himself because the law that made the law was the law that broke the law.

The Planet of Yes and No

Somewhere in the universe there is a planet known as the planet of Yes. It used to be a very nice place to visit. Anything you could want was there for the asking. When you went to the store you could get anything and everything you wanted by asking the cashier, “Can I have this for free?” and she would say, “Yes.” and bam it was yours for free. This system worked alright until some people began to take advantage of it. These selfish people would ask people for their houses, cars, and even the clothes off their backs. Many of the people from the planet of Yes got on a spaceship and settled on the planet of No. They were sick and tired of laboring for possessions just to have to give them away to anyone who asked for them.

On the planet of No its everyone for themselves. If you knock on your neighbors door and ask for a pack of sugar they may have 1000 packs but they’ll say “No.” Everyone works very hard. They have to build their own house, make their own car, and grow their own food. Things were alright on the planet of No until someone invented the double negative. Which led to the downfall of the planet of No. People would knock on their neighbor’s door and say, “I can’t have any sugar can I?” and the neighbor would say “No.” and give him all his sugar. Then after taking all his neighbors sugar he would say “I can’t have your house, car, clothes, and food can I?” and the Neighbor would say No and give him his house, car, clothes, and food, afterwhich they would begin building his spaceship. Destination a planet somewhere between the planet of Yes and the planet of No.

Reborn in Hell

I received the holy spirit. I became totally aware of the infinite wisdom of god. Every secret was revealed to me. I was truly blest. I knew everything that could possibly be know. I could answer any and every question posed to me. I was a god! I set off into the wilderness to face the devil and I rebuked him. The truth and the glory were mine! However an intense war was being waged in my soul. A sickness and an infinite suffering came upon me. In my state I ever so quietly whispered a blasphemy against the holy spirit. The heavens shook and thundered and I trembled. A burning and gnashing of teeth ensued. I cursed god with the vilest language imaginable. I was damned to hell for my blasphemies. I cried, why god, why did you send me your holy spirit. An unimaginable evil came upon me. I realized that I had betrayed god and that he had banished me from his presence. He cast me into an abyss of darkness. I was infinitely away from the warmth that I had once know. I shivered in utter hopelessness. The only thing that could warm me was the terrible burning of my soul. A perpetual state a self loathing, guilt, and worthlessness came upon me. Thoughts of suicide plagued me. I hated myself and I wanted my existence to end. But I couldn’t die. I writhed in the thought of eternal torment. I cursed god again. Kill me!!! You evil beast!!! Kill me!!!

Just then a speck of light appeared. Yet it blinded me. My eyes couldn’t adjust for they had become accustomed to the darkness. Out of the light I heard a voice. All your blasphemies are forgiven. An intense love and blissful peace came upon me. My eyes well up with tears of joy. He said it is impossible to blaspheme me. I am the forgiver. I am the true God.


Whey seemed to be lost in some remote place, deserted and in need of rescue. The sun is intensely bright and hot. Whey is confused and delusional. Whey has built a shelter. A magnificent geometric structure out of bamboo and newspaper. Whey carries a corpse with him wrapped in newspaper. Looking upon Whey I feel sorrow for his state. However it is humorous. The rescuer appears. She leads them on a journey. Their destination is unknown. There is a wide river separating them from another land. The land on the other side of the river is unfathomably beautiful. On a curvaceous hill there are smooth ceramic houses like pottery. The sun shines on them and they cast a beautiful glaze. A deep blue sky, a brilliant golden sun, an emerald green pasture, and the river glistens and sparkles like a diamond. They come upon a magnificent mansion. This is their destination. The yard is marshy. They are about to enter. However a dog starts barking. They pause before entering.

The Perfect Pancake

Heaven exists in eternity. The universe exists in time — it has a beginning and likely an untimely end. Souls in heaven do not change. Souls change in time for better or worse like pancakes. It’s like up in heaven is the perfect pancake. In the universe there are good and bad / better and worse pancakes. I don’t think it’s possible to make the best pancake in this universe. However I think it’s possible to conceptualize the perfect pancake in heaven. If you ate the perfect pancake you would never want pancakes again because none would compare to the perfect pancake. That’s why we have imperfect pancakes — you never know what you are going to get…