Whey seemed to be lost in some remote place, deserted and in need of rescue. The sun is intensely bright and hot. Whey is confused and delusional. Whey has built a shelter. A magnificent geometric structure out of bamboo and newspaper. Whey carries a corpse with him wrapped in newspaper. Looking upon Whey I feel sorrow for his state. However it is humorous. The rescuer appears. She leads them on a journey. Their destination is unknown. There is a wide river separating them from another land. The land on the other side of the river is unfathomably beautiful. On a curvaceous hill there are smooth ceramic houses like pottery. The sun shines on them and they cast a beautiful glaze. A deep blue sky, a brilliant golden sun, an emerald green pasture, and the river glistens and sparkles like a diamond. They come upon a magnificent mansion. This is their destination. The yard is marshy. They are about to enter. However a dog starts barking. They pause before entering.


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