The Planet of Yes and No

Somewhere in the universe there is a planet known as the planet of Yes. It used to be a very nice place to visit. Anything you could want was there for the asking. When you went to the store you could get anything and everything you wanted by asking the cashier, “Can I have this for free?” and she would say, “Yes.” and bam it was yours for free. This system worked alright until some people began to take advantage of it. These selfish people would ask people for their houses, cars, and even the clothes off their backs. Many of the people from the planet of Yes got on a spaceship and settled on the planet of No. They were sick and tired of laboring for possessions just to have to give them away to anyone who asked for them.

On the planet of No its everyone for themselves. If you knock on your neighbors door and ask for a pack of sugar they may have 1000 packs but they’ll say “No.” Everyone works very hard. They have to build their own house, make their own car, and grow their own food. Things were alright on the planet of No until someone invented the double negative. Which led to the downfall of the planet of No. People would knock on their neighbor’s door and say, “I can’t have any sugar can I?” and the neighbor would say “No.” and give him all his sugar. Then after taking all his neighbors sugar he would say “I can’t have your house, car, clothes, and food can I?” and the Neighbor would say No and give him his house, car, clothes, and food, afterwhich they would begin building his spaceship. Destination a planet somewhere between the planet of Yes and the planet of No.


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