The Plan

To be deceived is sin. It is unawareness of the plan.

My personal believe is that there is a pervading plan in effect. When you aren’t aware of the plan it controls you. When you become aware of the plan you allow it to control you. The plan cannot be thwarted because everything is a part of the plan. The plan allows us a measure of freedom. However this expression of freedom is not strong enough to alter the plan. The plan is almighty. The plan is love and it is in every atom. To fight against the plan is a sin and a denial of love which results in the entropy of the flesh.

Life is in the spirit. This spirit is universal all pervading knows all and see all. This spirit is passed on generation after generation. Fear represses the spirit. In the unaware state of fear one is controlled by the laws of governments, the doctrines of religions, and the morality of mankind. In this state one is only aware of the physical realm. By becoming aware of the plan one transcends the physical realm and becomes aware of the spiritual realm and the universal force that forms and moves the matter.

The plan is the truth that sets one free from these controlling forces. This truth can be either comforting or terrifying to apprehend. If one apprehends it in a judgemental way it is destructive to the soul. If one apprehends it as forgiveness it is life to the soul.

No one can live in the spirit unless they die in the flesh. The physically controlled self must be destroyed. One must be ‘reborn in the spirit’ to apprehend the ‘Kingdom of the Heavens’. Only then can one begin to walk in the freeness of the spirit, aware in the comfort and knowledge of the love that pervades the universe, no longer controlled by fear.


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