The Four Prisoners

Once upon a time there lived four men. They were all very good friends but one day they were falsely accused of a crime they didn’t commit. So they were put in jail. However this jail was minimum security and although they were isolated and in individual cells they could still talk to each other. One of the prisoners figured out how to escape from the prison. But he didn’t want to leave his friends behind so he said to himself I’ll try to show them how to free themselves also. He showed two of his friends how to escape but his other friend, his best friend, wasn’t interested. He was just going to wait until his prison term was complete. The three men set a date and planned their escape. But the man who had first figured out how to escape decided to stay behind and try to convince his best friend into trying to break out of jail. The escape day came and the two men escaped and were free. They were free but the law was always on their trail. Time passed and one of the escaped prisoners began to miss his friends and became tired of running from the law. So he decided to turn himself in on the condition that he’d be returned to his same cell. The other escaped prisoner however continued on the lam and forgot about his friends. Eventually the law caught up with him and he received a longer sentence and was place in a high security prison.

The prisoner who planned the escape but chose to stay behind felt guilty, he felt responsible for the consequences that had befell the two prisoners that had escaped. After all they were innocent and now their prison terms were being increased. So he decided that he would break out and find proof of their innocence in the hopes that they all could one day be together again and be free.

The law tried catching the smart prisoner but he always stayed one step ahead of them. He began to find clues about the crime and he found out who had framed him and his friends. Then he knew that his proof was useless and he could never use it to free his friends or himself because the law that made the law was the law that broke the law.


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