Message to Earth

This was too unreal. There were lights cascading all around me. I was rendered breathless. I had often heard of UFOs but I was always skeptical of their existence. A energy beam surrounded my body and I was transported onto a space ship. This is all I remember. I never got to see the alien life forms. All I really remember now is the flash of light. You may think that this is all a figment of my imagination and I don’t blame you, I too was skeptical at one time. Even now I find myself questioning whether or not this really happened. I’ve tried to forget this experience to no avail. As time passes I can recall more and more the happenings of that strange night. I know many will mock me and judge me as mad. There was a time I felt that it was to my personal best interest to remain silent about my experience, thinking that with time, maybe it’ll all fade away. However instead of fading away these memories have become more and more detailed. And as they gradually surface I feel compelled to spread this urgent message to the people of earth.

To begin with I don’t know why I was allowed to see and remember what I saw. One theory that has crossed my mind is that I have in fact been assimilated and for some strange reason unbeknownst to myself chosen to spread this message to the human population. I have experienced strange dreams in which I recall the aliens intended purpose but upon waking all memory of the dream is lost. I feel this could be the work of the alien in my brain. I sense that they are very powerful and advanced beings.

Please understand that what you are about to hear has a great bearing on the future of mankind. I realize many will not be responsive to this message yet in spite of the expected denial and disbelief of those who would call me mad I feel a responsibility to relate to all who will listen what I saw. You can take it for what it’s worth. You can choose to believe it and act or deny it and face the consequences.

I remember seeing bodies stretched out on lab tables as if in suspended animation. The aliens had abducted human specimens and were conducting experiments on them to test whether or not they were compatible and capable of sustaining their alien life form. It seems that only the males of our species are assimilable. I guess the best way to describe the alien would be as brains suspended in jars. Further observation suggest that although they appear to be separate individual brains they are actually networked and of one mind.

Their mission as far as I can tell from my experience is a passive coexistence with their hosts, sharing their host’s thoughts and physical sensations. As I mentioned before they seem to be of one mind, I base this on the assumption that they seem to relate to one another the mass experiences of their collective hosts. This has raised in my mind some ethical questions. One being the right to mental privacy. On the other hand this alien network has many advantages. One being the new found capability of mental telepathy.

I have not been able to gather whether or not this alien being’s intend is on being our master, our servant or coexisting with us in peaceful unity.

As I look back on these last few paragraphs I vaguely remember writing them and the opening paragraphs are completely foreign to me. I am normally not a man of action but I fear for my conscientiousness and I hope that someone can help me before it’s too late.


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